Your Destination Hybrid Partner With Offices Nationwide Since 1987


United Planners was formed in 1987 as a Limited Partnership.  This very unique structure has withstood the tests of time and creates an atmosphere of partnership for the advisors affiliated with the firm.  Fifty five percent of the firm’s annual profits are shared back with those advisors who qualify as Limited Partners.

Our General Partners, with 45% ownership of the firm, assumes oversight of the day to day operations of the firm, and is owned by the CEO, Dave Shindel; President, Mike Baker; and General Partner, Tom Oliver.  These three gentlemen are located with the rest of the United Planners Home Office, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This dynamic firm is very forward thinking when it comes to servicing clients and offering the infrastructure required to help advisors experience efficiencies in the way they conduct business.  United Planners believes in building systems that empower advisor efficiency, which supports profitability for all.