Your Destination Hybrid Partner With Offices Nationwide Since 1987
...and Adamantly Not For Sale!


United Planners is a national wealth management firm that provides financial planning, investment management and insurance services.  Established in 1987, United Planners is proud of its true independence and its stance of being “Adamantly Not For Sale” because it is majority owned by its financial advisors. United Planners provides back-office support to independent financial advisors, who then help investors manage their wealth to achieve a variety of goals & objectives.  United Planners is uniquely structured as a limited partnership that offers ownership opportunities and profit sharing to its financial advisors and embraces a culture, passion and strategy that caters to the fiercely independent financial advisor community.  United Planners is an open-architecture model that offers flexible, efficient and scalable solutions to position its financial advisors to build and manage profitable businesses.  Learn more about United Planners at or 800-966-8737.  United Planners is a Registered Broker-Dealer with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) / Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) / SIPC Member.