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There are three key areas which set United Planners apart from other full service Independent Broker-Dealer and RIA firms.  Those include the very unique limited partnership structure in which the firm was founded back in 1987, the rich culture created by the advisors, owners and home office employees; and the business solutions which United Planners has committed to by empowering business efficiencies and offering top notch service and support to advisors so they can focus on what they do best. 
Structure – The firm was founded in 1987 as a Limited Partnership.  The goal was to create a firm that put destiny control back into the hands of the producing advisors, providing them voting rights on major decisions and profit sharing annually, every year the firm has profits to share.  This structure has proven not only to work but to thrive, creating an environment where advisors are proud to be owners of the firm, and are able to run their own practice with day to day management decisions being made by the General Partners. 
Culture – United Planners is very selective in the advisors it chooses to invite to affiliate with the firm.  Advisors enjoy sharing their ideas and successes with their peers, as this promotes annual profitability and organizational success, which all Limited Partners benefit from.  The back office support has been hand chosen, as the leadership team and key staff have hundreds of years of combined experience in the industry.  The UP Annual Partner’s Conference is one example of just how close this group is, as the feeling is that of an education based family reunion of people who care for one another and are genuinely happy to see one another.  Each year this feeling grows as new Partners are added and introduced to the “family”.  The Right Advisor for this firm is one who appreciates relationships and is focused on putting the needs of their clients before their own personal needs. 
Business Solutions & Service Commitments  - The focus and drive is to provide tools for advisors to be successful while assisting outcomes by driving down costs for the investing public wherever possible.  It’s no secret that regulatory compliance and cybersecurity have become burdensome and increasingly complex.  Time and attention that could previously be spent serving clients has had to be diverted to keeping up with new compliance regulation and the protection of client data.  United Planners has committed to assisting advisors by dedicating resources to help in meeting these obligations in the most efficient manner by applying different standards than average firms.  Whereas many firms will focus on their own compliance and cybersecurity needs, United Planners broadens its focus to advisors and their clients, as technology solutions and the right processes can be delivered at the firm level to solve these concerns for all related parties.  Allowing multiple custodial choices for RIA business (as an IAR of United Planners or your own Independent RIA), a vast number of Third Party Money Managers, having NO proprietary products or solutions and no quotas to fill on types of sources of production all allow advisors to seek best execution and pricing for clients while feeling confident they have the tools to serve their clients without an obligation to a product type or quota for their firm.