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Investment Objective Definitions:

United Planners and your financial advisor also depend upon the accuracy of your stated Investment Objective. To clarify the various objectives that investors such as you may select for their investment accounts, please read the following:
Capital Preservation: I am seeking preservation of capital as my primary objective. Market risk (fluctuation of principal) should be minimized, regardless of the effects of inflation.

Income: I am seeking current income as my primary objective. Market risk, while reflecting the desired income stream and your risk tolerance, should be modest.
Growth and Income: I am seeking current income with the opportunity to also experience longterm capital appreciation as my primary objective. I can accept additional fluctuations in my initial investment amount to seek potential appreciation while generating some current income.

Growth: I am seeking long-term capital appreciation of my initial principal investment as my primary objective. I have a long-term time frame and do not need my investments to provide an income stream. Investments that have the potential for growth generally have increased risk and I understand that my investment value will fluctuate and may be worth less than my original investment.

Speculation: I am seeking a high return of my initial investment as my primary objective. I understand that a speculative investment objective means that my investments will be in higher risk, more volatile securities and require an aggressive risk tolerance.
Certain risks including loss of principal exist with any type of investment & should be considered carefully before making any investment decisions.